Improved sexual function can be achieved with Vaginal Rejuvenation!

How can the O-shot help you?

The medical industry has targeted men’s sexual dysfunction with cutting edge products, medications, and procedures while women tend to suffer in silence. Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy can now help women with complex sexual dysfunctions with Vaginal Rejuvenation. The O-shot can help women with female orgasm disorder. Treatment can improve both internal and external orgasms. This simple procedure can help heighten sexual desire and arousal, which addresses some primary reasons for female orgasm disorder. This new effective treatment can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Our trained medical professionals at Wisconsin Stem Cell now offer this unique service designed for women wanting to take charge of their sexual health and reclaim their sexual satisfaction.

What is the O-shot?

The “Orgasm Shot” is a non-surgical outpatient procedure that helps women suffering with female orgasm disorder (FOD). The shot helps improve circulation and vaginal stimulation, which produces longer and more satisfying orgasms.

A simple blood sample is drawn from the patient’s own body at the Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy clinic. We process the sample and extract the blood platelets in our lab. The patient’s platelets are then reintroduced to the external area of the genitals such as the clitoral region and internally in the vaginal canal around the O-spot. The platelets jump start new cell growth and rejuvenates sexual function with enhanced sensation.

This revolutionary treatment is not a drug. The procedure is performed in our medical clinic at Wisconsin Stem Cell. There is no need for general anesthesia or lengthy overnight stays. This quick and effective treatment can help stimulate the body’s own stem cells to grow healthier more responsive tissue in those sensitive areas.

What is Female Orgasm Disorder (FOD)?

Female Orgasm Disorder affects women’s libido and their ability to achieve an orgasm. Many of these women afflicted with FOD find it hard to discuss openly with their doctors and health professionals because this condition has not been treated seriously in the past. Women have been expected to “live with it” or convinced themselves that “this is the way it is.” Unlike treatments for erectile dysfunction and other male sexual conditions, women have been disappointed with failed medical treatments that don’t address or help the underlying problems women face.

According to recent studies and surveys about women’s sexual health, 80% admitted to faking orgasm during intercourse. Around 25% of those women said they faked orgasm at least 90% of the time. Women suffering with FOD say that they have trouble reaching orgasm, have lost genital sensitivity, experience dryness, discomfort, and/or pain during sex. Treating women with FOD and other sexual dysfunctions related to peri and postmenopausal reasons is a growing medical arena as more women come forward with their concerns. Women no longer feel obligated to ignore or stay quiet about healthy female sexual function and satisfaction.

Treating orgasm dysfunctions in both males and females is a delicate and complicated issue that is finally getting the medical attention needed to develop new technological procedures that help patients regain their sexual vitality and freedom. This desire to have women experience better quality sex, achieve more and longer lasting orgasms, and regain sexual self esteem played a major role in the development of the O-shot. This rejuvenating technique has made it possible for thousands of women to have an improved quality of life by allowing them to unlock the key to a more satisfying sex life.

Am I a candidate for the O-shot?

If you are a women who experiences frequent sexual dysfunction due to age, FOD, or struggles to feel aroused, then Vaginal Rejuvenation could be your solution. If your quality of life has been affected by poor or low sexual self esteem because you can not find pleasure in sexual stimulation, then the O-shot can be the tool that helps you regain confidence and desire. The O-shot can be that essential therapy that addresses your individual needs and dilemmas you’ve been experiencing with FOD or other sexual dysfunctions. This discrete procedure offered through Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy may be the help that you need. Don’t suffer in silence! Let our medically trained staff assist you today in making an appointment for Vaginal Rejuvenation with the O-shot. As the center for regenerative excellence, Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy offers safe and effective stem cell therapies for both men and women.

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