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At Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy, we focus on providing the most innovative & non-invasive medical procedures to help residents of Wisconsin and the surrounding areas find relief from chronic pain. Our team of medical and rehabilitation providers treat every patient with customized programs that are specialized to their individual needs. If you're tired of being treated like just a number, and are looking for medical providers that spend real time with you and are focused on your needs, then look no further. Our doctors spend time with each patient, getting to know their unique health challenges. With our in-house diagnostic services, we can accurately diagnose your condition and create a customized care program to help change your health and get you out of pain.

Our Team Includes:

Thomas Stauss, MD

Dr. Thomas Stauss has 31 years experience as a licensed anesthesiologist and pain management doctor. He graduated UW medical school in 1985, and has helped thousands of people with chronic pain since that time. Dr. Stauss's expertise with surgical procedures and understanding of the complexity of chronic pain is combined with a kind bedside manner that is invaluable to our team.

Ryan Kehoe, MD

Dr. Ryan Kehoe is a licensed Orthopedic Surgeon who graduated from UW Madison Medical School in 2001. His goal is to return patients to the activities which bring them joy. He is excited to be able to offer a regenerative approach to chronic pain or injury that can help patients avoid unwanted surgery.

Victoria Mondloch, MD

Dr. Victoria Mondloch is a practicing physician with 26 years of experience specializing in Family Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Preventative Health & Wellness. It is her passion to empower our patients by educating them with the best steps to keeping them healthy. She believes every patient deserves the time and attention it takes for them to reach their health goals.

Kristin Auer, APNP

Kristin is a licensed Family Practice Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from Concordia University with a MSN. She uses a holistic approach and treats patients focusing on their individual needs.

Lara Kalush, APNP

Lara Kalush graduated with honors in 2005. While working in Colorado over a decade ago she gained valuable knowledge in stem cell therapy and has been researching regenerative therapy since that time. She brings a vast array of knowledge and expertise to Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cell injections work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, stem cell therapy actually promotes repair of the body, restoring degenerated tissue. Stem Cell Therapy has been a great addition to the other non-invasive and cutting edge therapies that we offer at Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy. Our purpose is to help our patients get out of pain and stay healthy, without the use of harmful surgery or pain medications. If you live in the Wisconsin area, stem cell therapy at the Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy may be right for you!

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Wisconsin Stem Cell Therapy is proud to provide stem cell treatments to the residents of Wisconsin. Contact us today to get more information about how stem cell therapy can benefit you!